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Issues that can lead to semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Catastrophic Injuries

Semitruck crashes can be devastating for the victims. This can lead to considerable medical care, which can be costly. Because of that, some victims choose to seek compensation. 

One of the primary points that’s present in a semitruck claim is the cause of the crash. This determines who to hold liable for the damages. While some people may think that truckers are always to blame for crashes, that’s not always the case. Consider these possible causes:

Underride incidents

Semitruck trailers has ample space between the wheels and are high enough off the ground to allow vehicles to slide beneath them. Underride guards help to prevent this from happening, so it’s critical for all trailers to have them installed properly. 

Lack of training

Truckers must be properly trained and licensed before they can drive a tractor-trailer. The onus falls on trucking companies to ensure truckers have what they need to operate the rig safely.

Defective components

Defective components are another issue that’s not the fault of the trucker. This can be something as serious as brakes failing or a hitch coming disconnected. Proper maintenance can help to ensure the big rig is in good operating condition.

Trucking company policies

Trucking company policies can often encourage truckers to drive too many hours or drive unsafely to meet strict delivery deadlines. Complying with applicable regulations and laws, such as the Hours of Service, is critical to avoid catastrophic crashes. 

Anyone who’s injured in a semitruck crash should get prompt medical attention. If the victim opts to pursue a compensation claim, they can benefit from the assistance of someone familiar with these complex matters.