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Our tenacity to dig in to get results for our clients is a big reason why many people, including other attorneys, turn to our litigators for representation.
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A National Reputation For Taking On Complex Cases

At Doehrman Buba Ring, attorneys assist injured parties in Indianapolis and throughout the State of Indiana in recovering compensation as a result of catastrophic personal injuries.

As successful litigators, we have established a reputation for taking on complex cases. From car collisions to semi-truck and motorcycle accidents, we have helped individuals who have suffered serious trauma recoup the financial means to move forward.

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Areas Of Practice

Semi-Truck Collisions

Car Accidents

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Wrongful Death

Slip And Fall Accidents

Construction Accidents

National, Renowned Brain Injury And Truck Crash Representation


Our firm sought out Dan Buba to represent catastrophically injured clients in a complex trucking accident case. Dan immediately went to the scene to preserve evidence and document the vehicle and trucker’s route. Once in litigation, he deftly expanded the pool of culpable defendants with coverage and/or assets to compensate the injured victims. His veteran creativity in complex litigation and dogged determination to pursue all theories and sources of recovery for the clients paid off. We highly recommend Dan Buba and his team for those complicated multi-party cases with catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Dan is excellent.

Porter & Korvick, Miami, FL

I recently had the opportunity to work with Dan Buba as local counsel in a crash case involving a commercial motor vehicle. I’ve worked with many law firms across several states, Doehrman Buba Ring is among the best. Dan’s trucking knowledge and expertise was invaluable, and his input was instrumental in helping to resolve our case. Dan is passionate and steadfast, whenever an issue came up in the case Dan would immediately find the time to talk me through it and strategize. That case tested our legal creativity; we would not have been successful without Dan’s guidance. I would not hesitate to work with Dan and Doehrman Buba Ring again. Great attorneys and great people.

Jib Z., Dallas, TX

I have had the pleasure of working together as co-counsel with Dan Buba and Doehrman Buba Ring to help mutual clients many times over the years. Dan’s contributions leap beyond navigating substantive and procedural Indiana legal issues and have extended into helping find additional insurance coverage and doing supplemental investigations. My firm, our clients, and I are all grateful for his advocacy.

Bruno M., Chicago, IL

Our firm has had the pleasure of co-counseling with Dan Buba at Doehrman Ring in a semi-truck crash wrongful death case. We contacted Dan because of his extensive experience in handling commercial motor vehicle cases. Dan’s truck crash case knowledge and hard work was a big help in our settlement of the case, and was very much appreciated by our firm and the client.

Amy W., New Albany, IN.

I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with these superb trial lawyers and people at this most esteemed firm. They are undoubtedly the best of the best, with the highest passion, knowledge, care, skills possible.

Mark K., Columbus, OH

Recovering For The Wrongful Death Of A Loved One

More Reasons To Choose Our Team

Prior Defense Experience

Prior Defense Experience

Not many attorneys can say they’ve seen the green grass on both sides. Attorney Daniel Buba has.

Prior to helping victims seek compensation for injured parties at Doehrman Buba Ring, Mr. Buba was an attorney who defended truck drivers responsible for causing truck collisions.

He also has experience defending  insurance companies for claims involving serious injuries from slip and falls, auto crashes and other incidents caused by the negligence of the insurance company’s policy holder.

Such insight into how the defense attorney and insurance company adjustors build  their personal injury cases is a top reason why he is so successful in helping clients today.

Partner Representation

Partner Representation

Take a short drive around Indianapolis, and you’ll likely see billboards of high-profile personal injury attorneys advertising their services.

Unfortunately, these are often misguided advertisements. Many people who turn to these firms often never see the attorney on the billboard. Instead, their case is often by a less experienced associate attorney.

At our firm, your case will always be handled by an experienced partner. Whether it’s Tom, Dan or Kyle, one of our partner attorneys will be the one who will represent you and handle your case from beginning to end.

Cost-Effective, Smart, Efficient Representation

Cost-Effective, Smart, Efficient Representation

Many other lawyers who handle personal injury cases look for a quick settlement. In fact, many are simply not equipped to handle the complex nature of personal injury litigation. We are. Our partners are litigators – first and foremost. We prepare every case as if it will go to trial. Even though the great majority of the cases we handle settle without a trial, we prepare cases for trial in order to obtain the best settlement from the insurance company and their defense attorneys.

We understand the time commitment and emotional toll of a trial on victims and their families. Our ultimate goal is to find the most efficient way to get our clients maximum compensation. Maybe that means getting a successful settlement after intense negotiations; maybe that means taking a case to trial and fighting to recover a significant jury verdict.


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