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Coping with catastrophic injuries caused by semi-trucks

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Any car crash can cause significant injuries or premature death. When the vehicles involved in a crash are of vastly different sizes, the potential for severe injuries and death increases. A collision between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck to catastrophic injuries.

A catastrophic injury is one that has a permanent impact on an individual. Brain injuries, amputations and spinal cord injuries are examples of catastrophic injuries. They produce life-altering Medical challenges, massive care costs and often career setbacks as well.

According to truck collision data from 2022, approximately 119,000 people incurred injuries in semi-truck crashes, excluding the commercial drivers involved. Roughly 2,000 non-occupants, like pedestrians, suffered injuries. Another 117,000 people in smaller vehicles incurred injuries in crashes involving semi-trucks. Another 5,936 people died in wrecks caused by large commercial trucks.

How can those affected by semi-truck crashes cope with the effect of developing catastrophic injuries?

By seeking financial support

A major injury can cause a variety of economic consequences. The immediate medical costs of trauma care and ongoing treatment are hard to ignore. They could easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the type of injury involved. People often incur lost wages that they cannot earn while they undergo treatment for their injuries. They may also experience a significant reduction in their earning potential. They may no longer be able to pursue a well-paid blue collar profession or a highly-educated white-collar career.

The first step in the pursuit of compensation entails creating a realistic estimate of the full economic impact that the injuries may have on someone and their immediate family members. Thankfully, federal regulations require higher amounts of liability coverage for commercial trucks. People may be able to receive a more reasonable settlement from semi-truck insurance than they could expect if the crash involved another passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, the prospect of higher-value claims often means that the negotiation process is more intense and adversarial.

Sometimes, the only reasonable means of securing a realistic amount of compensation is to take the matter to civil court. A judge can potentially award someone compensation based on the true economic impact caused by a crash even if the insurance company refuses to offer an appropriate settlement. Trying to gather evidence about who is at fault for a semi-truck crash and handle the insurance negotiation process can often prove overwhelming for those adjusting to life with catastrophic injuries. Many people benefit from securing legal representation when they must file large insurance claims after semi-truck collisions.