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Who pays for the expenses of a semi-truck collision?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Semi-truck collisions are notorious for being some of the worst crashes possible. Roll-over collisions, jackknife incidents and underride crashes can all put people in the hospital and leave vehicles permanently undrivable.

Someone coping with the aftermath of a crash caused by a semi-truck could potentially have hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. The people affected by semi-truck collisions often feel uncertain about their rights under the law.

Who is potentially liable for the expenses created when a semi-truck crashes into a passenger vehicle?

Many parties can be liable for commercial crashes

Unfortunately for those involved in semi-truck crashes, determining liability can be a complex process. Factors ranging from the underlying cause of the crash to the employment arrangements for the driver at the wheel when the collision occurred may influence someone’s options for compensation.

Many commercial drivers are employees. They work for transportation companies. Under the legal concept of vicarious liability, employers often have a degree of legal and financial responsibility for what their workers do. The people injured in a semi-truck collision can sometimes take legal action against a commercial driver and sometimes may be able to take action against the driver’s employer.

Both parties might have a degree of liability in some scenarios. If the transportation company is to blame, a large commercial insurance policy can help offset some of the collision expenses. If the commercial driver is self-employed, they may have their own commercial insurance policy to cover collision costs.

There are even scenarios in which an outside business could be liable. If a client loaded the trailer or if an outside company provides maintenance of a transportation company’s fleet vehicles, then those businesses may have liability in cases where issues with the vehicle are the underlying cause of a wreck. Given how complex semi-truck crashes can be and how expensive they can become, it is often of utmost importance that those involved in such wrecks look at all of their options for compensation.

Reviewing the crash report can be a good starting point for those seeking justice after a semi-truck wreck. People may find that a combination of insurance claims and civil lawsuits is often necessary to fully recoup the expenses caused by a semi-truck crash.