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The 3 elements of a traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Catastrophic Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common among people who have a car crash. Some of them recover relatively quickly, while others remain affected by their injuries for life. Clearly, some TBIs are worse than others.

An injury to your brain can affect you in three principal ways:


You use your brain to think, reason and recall. Those abilities are crucial to so many aspects of life that a reduction in your ability to do them could be devastating. It could also cost you your job.


Your brain sends and receives signals from the rest of your body. If your brain is no longer functioning properly, it could affect your ability to perform physical tasks such as lifting a cup, operating a machine, walking or even standing up.


If you suffer a TBI, you may no longer feel you are the same person you were before the accident. Perhaps you can no longer help your spouse around the house in the same way, no longer work to support your family, no longer pick your children up to hug them or no longer play on your local sports team. All this can have a massive emotional effect, and its effect on you could also affect others. For example, if you feel frustrated, angry, upset or depressed, your family may find it more difficult to spend time with you.

Getting a thorough medical examination after a crash can help identify signs of a TBI. Getting legal help can increase the chance you get adequate compensation to cover the full costs a TBI could cause you.