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Some common injuries can be especially serious for seniors

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Catastrophic Injuries

People are living longer and staying more active than ever. However, when seniors suffer injuries, they’re often more serious than they would be for a younger person. 

That needs to be considered if an older adult suffers an injury due to someone else’s negligence or actions. That’s true whether it’s a vehicle collision caused by another driver or a fall caused by a dangerous property condition. Let’s look at several all-too-common injuries that can be especially serious for seniors.

Hip fractures

As people age, their bones become frailer and easier to break. Even a ground-level fall can cause a serious fracture. Hip fractures, which often occur when someone falls on their side, can be particularly debilitating. Hip fractures often start people on a downward spiral due to decreased mobility, less independence and socialization and a sense of despair that can accelerate their physical and mental decline.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

TBIs are also common injuries in falls as well as vehicle crashes. Often, especially in falls, people will suffer fractures as well as a TBI.

One reason TBIs can be more serious for seniors is that people’s brains shrink somewhat as they age. That means there’s more space between the brain and skull, which helps protect it. Among other complications, this can cause a subdural hematoma which results in bleeding within the brain.

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs)

Some three-quarters of SCIs in people who are 76 and older are caused by falls. Of course, SCIs can also result from collisions and other traumatic events. They can be more serious for seniors who are more likely than younger people to have pre-existing conditions that affect the spine.

Older people generally require longer hospital stays for all these injuries, sometimes followed by time in a rehabilitation facility and continued physical therapy and other treatment. All of these injuries can be survivable, but it’s important to get early diagnosis and good medical care. 

This takes money. That’s why it’s crucial to seek compensation from the person(s) responsible. Don’t agree to a settlement, no matter how fair it may sound, until you’ve gotten experienced legal guidance to help ensure that you get the compensation to which you’re entitled.