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3 things to know if you suffered spinal cord injuries in a crash

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2023 | Catastrophic Injuries

The human body was not built to withstand the forces involved in serious or high-speed motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, this means that many crash victims suffer serious and even catastrophic injuries when involved in an accident.

The spinal cord is at great risk during forceful collisions. If injured, victims can face lifetime health and mobility issues. To help ensure that you account for your needs when filing an accident claim, here are some things everyone should know about spinal cord damage.

Severity can vary

To varying degrees, a spinal cord injury can interrupt the normal flow of information between the brain and the body. As a result, the severity of such injuries can differ among victims, even in similar crash scenarios. Some victims suffer total paralysis, while others may only lose a portion of their ability to move.

No cure exists

Many believe they can overcome their injuries, but there is currently no cure for spinal cord damage. On the plus side, treatments and technologies exist to help patients retain their independence and keep them in good condition. However, taking advantage of these beneficial options requires a significant financial investment.

Pain and suffering damages may be possible

The average person lacks the money to undergo long-term rehabilitation for a spinal cord injury. Under Indiana law, non-economic (pain and suffering) damages may be available, especially if your accident resulted in catastrophic injuries.

Although a pain and suffering award does not expressly cover treatment or rehabilitation, it can increase your overall compensation. In turn, you can rest easier knowing you have financial stability and can likely prevent economic hardships from disrupting your medical care.