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2 common causes of bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Catastrophic Injuries

Bicycles are a convenient and sustainable means of transport. A significant percentage of people use cycling to get to work or run errands, and this popularity is expected to increase. Unfortunately, the number of bicycle accidents is also on the rise. Research shows that 966 cyclists were killed in traffic crashes in 2021, which is alarming.

Understanding common causes of bicycle accidents can help riders to make more informed choices about how and where they travel.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving causes many accidents, including those involving cyclists. A driver can be distracted by their phone, food, passengers, billboards or even their thoughts and may fail to notice a cyclist or do so when it’s too late and, in turn, can crash into them.

Disregard for cyclists

Bicycle lanes are crucial, but cyclists are not required to use them – they can use any public road. And in some instances, this may be their only option, for example, on roads that lack designated bicycle lanes. Nonetheless, some drivers have a disregard for cyclists. They fail to keep them safe or treat them with respect because they are on the “wrong road,” and this can lead to accidents. In addition, a negligent driver may fail to give way to cyclists. Drivers should yield to cyclists in some locations, for example, when turning. Not doing so can cause a serious accident.

Drivers should keep cyclists safe as they do other road users. If you are injured by a driver while cycling, consider seeking legal guidance to better ensure that your rights remain protected.