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6 kinds of car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

Road safety is very important. Unfortunately, thousands of people die a day because they’re involved in car accidents. 

Survivors of car accidents often suffer from wounds. The following are some you could experience: 


Whiplash occurs when the head rapidly shakes around and puts pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles. This kind of injury can occur in any kind of accident and can cause stiffness, pain, dizziness and fatigue.


Like whiplash, a concussion occurs when the head suffers a blow or strike, causing rapid head movement. The result is that the brain can suffer damage, leaving the victim dizzy and confused. Many people lose consciousness when concussed. 

Herniated disc

The spine has liquid sacks between the vertebrae that help absorb shock and reduce nerve damage. In an accident, a victim may experience a herniated disc, which is the result of these liquid sacks bursting, leaking or moving out of place. Victims may feel immense pain and have mobility issues.


The brain and the spine are important for sending signals to the limbs. The brain and spine can be injured in a car accident. If the brain and spine struggle to send these signals, the victim may experience paralysis. Paralysis causes people to lose their senses and limit muscle control.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is the result of someone experiencing a traumatic event. This can happen after a car accident where the victim is severely injured or witnesses someone’s death. As a result, the victim may experience uncontrollable stress, nightmares and flashbacks.


A fracture happens when a bone is broken. This often happens in car accidents. A compound fracture occurs when the bone breaks and is exposed through the skin.

Being aware of your legal rights may help you when seeking compensation for your injuries.