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Have you lost strength after a spinal cord accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Slip-And Falls

The human spine has evolved many times over, but there’s one flaw that still plagues humankind – catastrophic spinal injuries. Despite the versatility and complexity of the spine – bearing heavy weights, highly flexible and supporting an intricate nervous system – the spine is a delicate ecosystem.

The spine is a conduit of major nerves, made up of a scaffold of vertebrae and discs, that act as an antenna for the brain to most of the limbs. One minor injury, such as from a slip-and-fall accident, can offset the entire structure and render parts of the body immobile.

There’s more you should know:

Spinal cord injuries can vary greatly, and some are progressive

When the spine is injured, many people may experience temporary soreness, aches or long-term back pain. However, one of the most serious and life-changing medical conditions people suffer from after a bad fall may be paralyzation. Paralysis occurs when someone loses feeling in parts of their body and may find they’re unable to move some body parts.

There are several different forms of paralysis. For example, someone may find they’re unable to use their hand to make a full grip, but, after physical therapy, they may be able to gain most or all of their movement back. Another person may find they’re unable to move or feel below their waist – and that may be permanent.

In other cases, what starts out as a pinched nerve in the spine from an injury can progress over time, becoming increasingly debilitating over time as the untreated injury compounds.

If you’ve been diagnosed with paralysis after a slip-and-fall accident, you may need to know your legal rights when seeking compensation for your injuries and medical bills.