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Why are truck crashes so common in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Indiana is known, unfortunately, for having a large number of truck accidents leading to serious injuries and deaths. There are several reasons that Indiana may be a hotspot for these kinds of crashes, but regardless, they should not be happening.

According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, or ICJI, there were 219,112 crashes in 2017. Of those, 16,910 directly involved commercial vehicles such as large trucks, buses, school buses and pickup trucks over 10,000 pounds. In those crashes, around 152 people were killed, and 3,297 reported injuries.

Where are truck crashes happening in Indiana?

The research shows that 87% of the crashes happen on U.S. routes, state roads and interstates. These are all places that are generally large enough for large trucks to travel there, but they’re also areas with higher speed limits and longer stretches without stops.

In the majority of cases, it was human error that led to crashes. Things like improper passing or failing to yield played a role in most collisions. Speeding, unsafe backing, tailgating and unsafe lane movements were also reportedly a part of the problem.

Indiana is continuing to see an increase in truck crashes

It’s notable that the state continues to see a rise in truck crashes. Nationally, this has been happening as well.


It could be that companies are pushing their drivers to work long hours or to take on the maximum number of shifts. People could be going longer distances or covering routes they don’t usually take to make up for gaps in the industry’s employment. Sometimes, people make more dangerous decisions, too, because they think that their vehicles’ safety technologies will kick in.

Whatever the reasons may be, truck crashes are extremely dangerous for the people in smaller vehicles. An average car or truck simply cannot withstand the weight and impact of a crash with a larger truck, like a semi. That means that the people inside are more likely to suffer from serious injuries or to be killed on impact.

If you’re involved in a crash with a large truck, know your rights. You may be able to hold the driver accountable, take action against the employer or pursue a claim against other related parties.