Truck Accident Leaves Indiana Toll Road Looking Like a Pollock Painting

Truck Accident Leaves Indiana Toll Road Looking Like a Pollock Painting

The Indiana Toll Road was the site of a very odd truck wreck at the start of August, according to WNDU-TV. The Indiana truck accident involved a tractor-trailer truck rollover, which resulted in 23,000 pounds of white paint spilling onto the highway. Reportedly, the truck crash happened around 8:30 am. The 18 wheeler left the roadway, and when the trucker tried to steer the vehicle back onto the highway, it led to a rollover crash. At the time of writing this, law enforcement has yet to determine what led the truck leaving the road. The truck was the only vehicle involved in the wreck. The trucker was taken to the hospital for treatment following the incident. The tractor-trailer truck was hauling thousands of pounds of white latex paint, which spilled onto the Indiana Toll Road in the wake of the rollover. In addition to the inch to inch and a half of paint coating the highway, there were paint cans and other debris littering the area. Sunpro Environmental was called in to clean up the paint spill. While Sunpro cleared the accident scene, that section of the Indiana Toll Road was closed for around six hours. It was the first time Sunpro had ever had to clean up a paint spill. At first, they tried to clean the paint off the highway by soaking the roadway. However, Sunpro eventually switched tactics, deciding instead to use sand to soak up the paint. They were able to get up much of the paint using sand. However, there are still patches where the paint got into the roadside soil. Sunpro will have to come back and remove those patches of paint.

Types of Hazardous Material Accidents and Injuries

While we know that hazardous materials are dangerous, we often do not understand what could happen if we are involved in an accident with a hazmat truck. In many cases, it can depend on the type of hazardous material that an 18 wheeler is hauling. Below are a few examples of the kind of hazardous materials tractor-trailer trucks carry and the danger they pose to the public:

  • Flammable Gases – These type of gases can cause fire and explosion hazards and burn injuries.
  • Corrosive Material – This material, which can be solid or liquid, can eat through metals, such as aluminum and steel, as well as human tissue.
  • Explosives – Depending on the circumstances of the explosion, this can lead to burn injuries, concussions, and shrapnel and impalement injuries and death.
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