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Do You Know There Are Time Limits To File An Auto Accident Lawsuit In Indiana?

In Indiana, individuals who wish to pursue compensation via a lawsuit due to injuries suffered in an auto accident typically have only two years to take action. This is known as the statute of limitations period. If the injured person is a minor, he/she will typically have to file their claim within two years of their 18th birthday.

More About The Statute Of Limitations Period

The two-year clock starts on the day of the incident. It is important to contact an attorney to help you with your injury claim well within this two year period.

Sadly, many people wait too long to file a claim. In Indiana, if the statute of limitation expires, you will likely be barred from filing a claim and recovering compensation.

Statute Of Limitations In A Car Accident Fatality

If someone dies in a car accident, the two-year limitation still applies. However, the deadline starts the day of the person’s death. This could be later than the date of the accident.

Help From A Skilled Legal Team

Determining the logistics of filing and how much to pursue in a claim should be handled by a personal injury attorney with experience.

At Doehrman Buba Ring, we have helped individuals in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana to ascertain damages for lost wages, medical bills, future costs of medical care required for an injury, loss of future wages, pain and suffering and the inability of the injured person to function as a whole person.

Our goal is to understand all of your losses and pursue maximum compensation.

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If you or someone close to you has been injured in a car crash, do not wait. The statute of limitations period has already started. Contact our team to discuss the accident, filing suit and the compensation you will need to recover.

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