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Why are truck crashes dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Every accident is dangerous and can lead to serious consequences. However, some may be severe due to different factors, and one of them is trucking accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 4,965 deaths in crashes involving large trucks in 2020. 71% of them were occupants of other vehicles, which is alarming.

Here are three reasons truck crashes can be more dangerous than other types of accidents:

Size and weights

Trucks, even semi-ones, are larger and heavier than other vehicles. Most trucks weigh thousands of pounds, and this increases when fully loaded. If a truck is at a high chance of hitting a small vehicle, it can be difficult for the driver to maneuver or control the impact. The truck may fully crash into the vehicle.

Longer stopping distances.

A truck and a small vehicle moving at the same speed can have different stopping distances due to the difference in weight.  A truck may use almost twice the distance it takes a vehicle to stop. 

Thus, if the distance between them is not adequate and the vehicle comes to a sudden stop, the truck may crash into it, despite the driver braking. Such an accident may not happen in a case involving two small vehicles as the one behind may come to a stop soon enough.

Larger tires

When a truck and a small car collide head-on, they may exert an equal force in magnitude but opposite in direction, according to physics. However, some features of the truck may make it more dangerous, including its large tires, which can significantly damage the vehicle.

Being involved in a trucking accident can be more complicated. If you are injured by a truck, you may need to get legal guidance to receive the compensation you deserve.