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What types of businesses may be liable for slip-and-fall injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Slip-And Falls

When individuals get hurt while visiting a business, they sometimes have the option of pursuing a premises liability claim. An insurance claim or lawsuit can compensate those who have been hurt due to negligence or regulatory infractions committed by a business.

Slip-and-fall claims are some of the most common premises liability claims in the United States. What kinds of businesses might be liable when visitors get hurt as a result of slip-and-fall incidents?

Retail establishments

Businesses that sell goods to the public have to keep their spaces clean and accessible. When they do not engage in appropriate maintenance, they could end up facing claims based on premises liability and the injuries that people incurred while shopping.

Having enough staff on hand to not just run cash registers but also to keep spaces clean is an important step for retail businesses that want to reduce their premises liability risks. A combination of intentional understaffing and unmotivated workers can lead to visitors getting hurt and a potentially expensive premises liability claim.

Hospitality businesses

Restaurants, hotels, theaters, music venues and other businesses that provide services or entertainment also have an obligation to maintain safe premises. With a large number of patrons and workers present, such businesses often have an elevated risk of people getting hurt.

Especially if the business serves alcohol, patrons may be at increased risk of losing their balance and getting hurt. Careful cleaning and adherence to alcohol service laws are important for hospitality-based companies to avoid risk.

Landlords with commercial, retail or residential property

Sometimes, the people or businesses that own a building have the final liability for an incident. Poor facility maintenance could be the responsibility of a landlord if a tenant or one of their guests gets hurt at a multi-unit apartment building.

Effectively, any business that makes itself open to the public could end up facing premises liability claims after a slip and fall. Even a property management company that doesn’t maintain an apartment complex properly could end up facing premises liability claims.

Understanding that a company could be responsible for a slip-and-fall incident due to improper maintenance or bad staffing practices can help to motivate injury victims to pursue a premises liability claim to recoup their losses with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.