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Will you walk again after a crash-related spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

The effects of a spinal cord injury can be immediately obvious at the scene of a crash. You may not be able to exit your vehicle or feel your legs at all. Spinal cord injuries will typically result in both a loss of sensation and issues with motor control.

The higher on your spine the injury is, the more of your body may feel the effects of the spinal cord injury you incurred. It is quite common for people to panic at the scene of a crash when they realize there may be a spinal cord injury involved, but emergency medical care has come a long way in recent decades.

Is it possible for you to recover lost function following a spinal cord injury in a car crash?

The type of injury determines your prognosis

Complete spinal cord injuries produce permanent medical consequences. Spinal cord injuries that fully supper the spinal cord will make it impossible for someone to feel anything below that point in their body. They will also lose function and may require physical therapy simply to retain muscle tone in the affected body parts.

However, some spinal cord injuries do not cut through the spinal cord but instead pinch or partially tear the court. Individuals with incomplete spinal cord injuries sometimes partially recover with surgery and physical therapy rehabilitation services. Often, bed rest is necessary, and it may take many months to see improvements in someone’s condition. With adequate medical support and proper financial compensation, those with partial spinal cord injuries have a shot at recovery.

There is hope for complete injuries as well

While it may be many years before the average patient with a spinal cord injury will have access to such care, there have been major breakthroughs in recent years. In 2022, researchers published a report on how three adult men were able to walk again after a complete spinal cord injury.

A combination of an implanted device and therapeutic training allowed these patients to regain motor function. Such treatment is still at its earliest stages, but it could lead to better options in upcoming years.

Those diagnosed with a spinal cord injury after a car crash will likely find that insurance isn’t enough to cover their treatment costs and replace any wages they lose. Assertively seeking compensation for a major injury from a car crash will protect you from the financial consequences of a wreck.