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3 causes of common car accidents in the winter

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

Are you new to driving? Then it’s likely you’ve never driven much in the winter. You should know that driving in the winter isn’t like driving during the summer.

There are many dangers in the winter you should prepare for. Otherwise, you could end up being involved in a serious car accident. Here’s what you should know:

1. Low tire pressure and tread

Having the right equipment for the winter is often the best way to avoid dangers on the road. For example, having tires with fresh tread to combat the snow and ice and having the right pressure may reduce sliding on the road. Otherwise, without tire traction and pressure, you could cause a car accident.

2. Sliding on black ice

When the temperature drops, it’s highly likely ice will cover many surfaces. It’s not always easy to tell when roads are covered in black ice. It’s often hard for cars to gain any traction on ice, even with brand-new tires. An accident on the road caused by black ice could easily lead to serious injuries.

3. Being caught in heavy snow

Many people enjoy looking out their windows and watching the snow fall from the safety of their homes. On the road, however, snow isn’t always appreciated and may cause visibility issues. If there’s a sudden shift in weather that prompts heavy snow, it may cause people to drive recklessly in an effort to hurry home.

While you may be following every precaution when driving in the winter, that doesn’t mean other drivers are. If you’re in an accident that’s left you injured during the holidays, you may need to know your legal options.