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What types of compensation are available after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Car Accidents

There are thousands of crashes in Indiana every year, and many of them cause injuries and serious property damage. You may have invested in a vehicle with a great safety rating and might have always engaged in defensive driving practices to stay safe on the road. You may also carry extra insurance coverage to limit your liability and risk of financial losses after a crash.

Those efforts may reduce your risk of causing a collision, but you could still get into a crash caused by another driver. If you get hurt or your vehicle is a total loss, you will need financial compensation after the collision.

What kinds of compensation are potentially available after a wreck in Indiana?

Insurance coverage

Drivers in Indiana have insurance that will protect them in the event of a crash. You can potentially make a claim against the other driver’s policy and your own.

Indiana requires liability coverage, which means that you can claim the cost of your property damage losses and bodily injuries against the other driver’s policy. If the total costs that you have after the wreck are higher than the other driver’s coverage, then your policy can help.

Indiana requires uninsured and underinsured motorist protection in addition to liability coverage. Your policy can therefore provide supplemental financial support in addition to the coverage provided by the other driver.

Civil lawsuit proceeds

When insurance isn’t enough or when a driver didn’t bother to keep their policy active, the people hurt in the car crash can potentially take them to court. Property damage losses and injury-related costs can justify a personal injury lawsuit.

Fatal crashes may also give rise to wrongful death claims. Your family can seek lost wages, medical bills, vehicle repair costs and any other provable financial expenses incurred. Sometimes, there could even be a third party with liability for the wreck. You may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against a vehicle manufacturer or a business because of their contributions to the collision.

Exploring all of your options for compensation after an Indiana car crash will reduce the financial impact of the wreck on your life.