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10 Questions to Ask an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

| Feb 21, 2020 | Personal Injury

If you intend to pursue a compensation claim after being injured in an accident that was caused by another party, you will need the assistance of an excellent personal injury lawyer. Before you agree to work with an attorney, however, you would be wise to ask the following questions:

Have you handled this type of case before?

In your pursuit of compensation, you will need the assistance of an attorney with plenty of experience dealing with injuries similar to yours. They will be able to use their experience to guide you through the process.

How much time can you devote to this case?

To properly handle your personal injury case, your attorney must be willing to devote a significant amount of time to it. If they can only guarantee that they will set aside a few minutes here and there for your case, they probably aren’t the right lawyer for you.

What is your preferred method of communication?

During your personal injury case, your attorney will need to communicate with you about settlement offers, requests for evidence, and a host of other topics. Most lawyers have a preferred method of discussing these matters with their clients. Some pick up the phone and call, while others prefer to text or email. By finding out about an attorney’s communication preferences, you can begin to understand what to expect throughout your case.

How long do you expect this case to take?

The exact length of a case can be influenced by a wide range of different factors. Some run long because they are complex, while others are resolved fairly quickly because the other party was willing to settle. Your lawyer should be able to give you a general estimate of how long your case is likely to take.

How much is this case worth?

Before diving into a personal injury case, it is generally advisable to ask your attorney how much compensation you should expect to receive at the end of the process. Doing so will allow you to better plan for the future.

Though your lawyer will not be able to give you an exact figure, he or she should be able to tell you the information they will need to gather about your case that they will need to determine how much in damages they will fight for on your behalf.

Are you willing to go to trial, if necessary?

If the other party is unwilling to settle your case out of court, you need to make sure that your lawyer is willing to go to trial to fight for compensation on your behalf. To find out for sure, just ask them.

What is your trial experience with cases like mine?

You will want a lawyer who can document their trial experience and demonstrate that they have the trial skills necessary to succeed in the unlikely event that your case will actually have to go to trial.

What fees and expenses do you charge?

Asking about fees and expenses is the only way to avoid unexpected surprises when your case is concluded. First, if your case in not successful you should make sure that you will not have to pay any fee or expense to the attorney who takes your case, because many attorneys in Indiana will make their fee and reimbursement for case expenses contingent on your receiving a recovery on your case that will cover such fees and expenses as well as provide you with a fair recovery.

Do you have any references?

Speaking to your lawyer’s past clients is an excellent way to get a feel for their effectiveness and professionalism. If the attorney is unwilling to provide you with references, you may wish to find alternative legal representation.

What information do you need to get started on this case?

If you are happy with the attorney’s answers to all of the questions listed above, the only thing left to figure out is what documents and information they need to get started on your case. When you ask them, they should be able to provide you with a list.

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